Artist Statement

If there is one word that could define my work it would be color – it’s my obsession.  For me painting is the creation of a perfectly unique image where color, texture, form and idea come together.  I am continually looking for new ways to create with materials and elements that keep my work fresh.

My creative process comes out of observation, from being present with what’s around me.  Many times I find inspiration in chance, in fate.  Finding an object or an image can make one reflect on life and death, nostalgia, memory, desire, violence or consumerism.

In my last series of abstract collage I use color as the principal language.  Color is an optical medium – visual and sensorial. I return to the formal elements of painting, drawing with lines, geometric or irregular forms. I use found materials like magazine clippings because they have mass-produced colors that when integrated into the surface of the paper create a total visual experience for the eye and soul.

Oscar Lopez Flores