Artist Statement

My creative practice is influenced by my interest in human image perception and the interchange between quotidian images and the collective subconscious image bank.

My process comes out of observation, from being present with what’s around me.  Many times I find inspiration in chance.  Finding an object or an image can make me reflect on life and death, nostalgia, memory, desire, violence, pop culture, consumerism, migration and the environment.

In my last series of abstract collage I use color as the principal language. I use found materials like Mexican gossip magazine and old book pages because these materials talk to us as consumers; we relate to them from what we see in our everyday life. I’m mesmerized by how these image/objects have changed our way of seeing things, our perception of how we look at life.

Mass produced and natural objects contain such drastically different colors and intensities.  I find that color plays a main role in my work.  Color leads us to perception of light waves, as well as feelings and sensations.

Oscar Lopez Flores