Drawing with Scissors


 June 22 - August 18 2018

 at Harold Washington Library Center

 inside of the Popular Library. Chicago, IL




Drawing with Scissors is a series of abstract collage made from pieces of mass-produced magazines on handmade paper, vintage book pages and commercial postcards.  The concept of this series is that scissors can be like a pencil to make lines and geometric figures that when glued together creates a unique work of pure color and expression.

Oscar’s art work reflects on our interpretation of color and how our eyes perceive it.  Even if we are not conscience of it, color gets into our brain waves and changes our perceptions. In this series color is a visual and sensorial language.

This series is meant to be seen both from near and far.  When we get close we can identify every piece that makes the image. When we observe from a far distance we get a whole different picture where color is a subliminal communication